Do you need personalised tax advice?

Many of our clients’ affairs mean that they straddle both French and UK tax regimes. This might be because they are moving from the UK to France, they are moving from France to the UK, they live in the UK but own property in France or they live in France but own property in the UK.

Typical questions that need to be addressed in these situations cover:

  • UK tax residency rules
  • French tax residency rules
  • Dual residence and the role of the double tax treaty
  • Ensuring you are not taxed twice on income and gains
  • Tax consequences in both countries of renting a UK or French property
  • Capital gains tax implications in both countries of selling a UK or French property
  • Social security and access to state healthcare
  • Inheritance and gift tax in both countries

Specialists in French & UK tax regimes

Kehinde Dauda is a chartered accountant qualified in both UK and France with extensive experience on a variety of tax and social security matters in both countries. He is fluent in both English and French and can communicate with you in your language of choice. He can deal with both French and UK tax authorities on your behalf if required. 

His unique Anglo-French dual experience means he is able to advise on tax consequences of decisions made in one country which may inadvertently affect the other country.