Although a new pay as you earn (prélèvement à la source) system has been introduced in France in 2019, most French residents are still required to submit a French tax return. Non-French residents are required to submit a French tax return usually because they receive rental income from a French property.

Taxpayers who own real estate property either directly or indirectly (e.g. through shares, funds, trusts) worth more than €1.3million net of allowable loans are liable to the real estate wealth tax. For non-French residents, the €1.3million threshold applies only to property located in France. This is declared on the usual French income tax return if you also have French income. If you are non-French resident without any French income, there is a separate standalone wealth tax return that you will need to complete.

Kehinde Dauda has had over 20 years’ experience of dealing with the French tax – completing forms and dealing with the French tax authorities. Many of our clients appreciate that they receive French tax advice in English.

Greenwich Tax Services offer different levels of service and fees, depending on the amount of help or advice you need and the complexity of your circumstances.  Our accountancy fee calculator will give you an estimate of our fees for preparing a French tax return. Fee estimate calculator – French tax

Please note: our fee estimate calculator is a service we offer so clients can have an idea of the level of fee they can expect. Please get in touch with us directly for a firm quote.